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Are you interested in becoming part of an American video game company where you can expect to acquire much-needed exposure to the day-to-day operations of a multimillion-dollar industry? If so, be sure to submit your application for the most recent EA Internship. Students here are welcomed as contributing members of the team and are expected to bring their ideas and enthusiasm to the table. The company is currently offering a wide range of paid programs such as sports internships, pathfinder internships, summer internships, and many more. In addition, these programs feature a number of student jobs such as Software Engineer Intern, SFX Intern, etc. Whatever one’s career vision may be, interning for EA is sure to provide meaningful connections, knowledge not found in any textbook, and an enhanced awareness of where one may fit into the ever-changing technology industry. So apply now!

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EA Internship | for High School and College Students

EA Internship

Electronic Arts (EA) – A General Overview

Founded on the 27th of May, 1982, by Trip Hawkins, Electronic Arts, commonly referred to as EA, is a publicly traded American video game company that is one of the largest publishers of interactive entertainment software in the world. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, its portfolio covers a wide range of genres and platforms that are distributed globally. EA is responsible for known franchises such as Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, and many more. Furthermore, it has also branched out into other industries such as mobile advertising and various other forms of online gaming technologies. In recent years, the company has made huge progress in delivering new experiences to players around the world by forming partnerships with renowned entertainment names such as Star Wars and Disney. It also owns many subsidiaries such as BioWare, Codemasters, Criterion Games, Firemonkeys Studios, etc., and employs over 12,900 people.

Criteria & Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the EA Internships, applicants must have a strong background in software engineering or computer science, combined with significant coding experience. Furthermore, any applicant must demonstrate a commitment to learning and passion for pursuing their interests within the field of technology. Moreover, the applicant must align with EA’s core values of developing innovative games with a focus on fun and varied experiences, respect for others, and appreciation for team work.

Available Programs:

A wide range of Electronic Arts Internships is currently available. However, we have listed a few of them below.

  • Ski and Snowboard Internship
  • Music Internship
  • Marketing Internship
  • Games Internship
  • Infrastructure Optimization Pathfinder Intern
  • Audio Artist Summer Intern
  • SFX Intern (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor)
  • MTX Software Engineer Intern (Apex Legends)
  • Online/Network Software Engineer Intern (Apex Legends)
  • Social Impact Intern (Summer 2023)
  • UI Artist Intern (Apex Legends)
  • VFX Pathfinder Intern (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor)
  • Character Art Pathfinder Intern (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor)
  • Paid Internship – Frostbite Software Engineer
  • Security Operations Analyst Intern
  • Paid Internship – Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • DevOps Software Engineer Intern

Internship Details:

  • Country: United States
  • Company: Electronic Arts
  • Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

Electronic Arts Internship Interview Questions:

To prepare for an internship at Electronic Arts, be sure to provide thoughtful and meaningful responses to internship interview questions that the interviewer may ask. Therefore, be sure to have a strong understanding of your goals and dedication to the role you are applying for. In addition, professionalism and enthusiasm are extremely important during the interview process, both verbally and nonverbally. Take the time to demonstrate why you would be a great candidate for the job and provide specific examples of what motivates you to succeed.

Electronic Arts Internship Salary:

The internship salary for interns at Electronic Arts is approximately $6,933 per month, allowing those accepted into the program to make a comfortable living during their time in the role.

How to Apply for the EA Internship?

The hiring process for the EA Internship will begin when you click the “Apply Here” button below. This will allow you to view the available positions on Electronic Arts’ official career site. Simply select a position and then familiarize yourself with the requirements. After that, hit the “Apply” button and create an account to proceed with the online application process. Furthermore, when submitting your application online, applicants should include resumes as well as cover letters outlining relevant qualifications and experiences. Finally, if selected, eligible candidates may need to participate in various interviews in order to demonstrate their aptitude for this particular opportunity.

Application Deadline:

Depending on the program you intend to apply for, the last date to submit your application varies.

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Available Internships of Electronic Arts
Internships currently unavailable. Kindly visit the official site for updates.

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