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An extraordinary opportunity for those pursuing careers in healthcare management or policy-related fields such as public health or health administration is at their doorstep. With the AOA Internship, you can gain exclusive access to research, policy formulation, and advocacy initiatives that significantly impact healthcare policies nationwide. Furthermore, these internships provide firsthand experience in collaborating with experts from various specialties through AOA’s committees and bureaus. This enhances interns’ skills, widens their networks, and equips them with a deeper understanding of how osteopathic medicine functions on a national level. In addition, interns actively participate in educational initiatives to raise awareness about osteopathic medicine among healthcare professionals as well as the general public. So, why wait? Apply today!

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AOA Internship

About The American Osteopathic Association

The American Osteopathic Association is the leading professional organization representing osteopathic physicians in the USA. Through its accreditation of osteopathic medical colleges and healthcare facilities nationwide, the AOA provides comprehensive training for DOs. This includes conventional medical practices and individualized patient-centered approaches that take the individual into account as a whole, not only their symptoms. The purpose of AOA is also to support continuous professional growth through ongoing medical education programs, equipping members with the latest advances in medical research and subspecialties. Their efforts, including community-based initiatives, lobbying campaigns, verification, and collaborations with other healthcare organizations, aim to create an environment where DOs can deliver exceptional care while expanding access to underserved communities.

Criteria & Eligibility Requirements:

To meet the requirements for AOA internships, candidates need a degree from an accredited osteopathic medical college, which shows they have the essential education and training for success in the internship program. Additionally, they must maintain an active medical license in the state where they intend to complete the internship. This condition affirms their ability to deliver medical care competently and highlights their commitment to ensuring patient safety and welfare. Furthermore, candidates must display exemplary communication skills, as effective communication is important when working with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. Alongside this requirement lies a commitment to patient-centered care and compassionate practice. These qualities play a significant role in delivering quality patient care services while demonstrating respect for individual patient needs and concerns.

Available Programs:

  • Medical Research
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Clinical
  • Patient Care
  • Public Health
  • Internal Medicine
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Medical Education
  • Health Advocacy
  • Health Informatics
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement

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AOA Internship Interview Questions:

Effective preparation is essential when facing an interview for an American Osteopathic Association internship. While the interview questions may differ based on the program and interviewers, certain questions always come up again and again. Among these, a comprehensive examination of your enthusiasm for osteopathic medicine and the reasons for selecting this specific field often arises. It is crucial to provide a well-considered response that not only showcases your understanding of the discipline but also conveys your commitment and passion for it.

Another common question during the AOA internship interview is about your experience working with diverse patient populations. Interns need to be comfortable providing care for patients from various backgrounds and cultures, so expect questions related to cultural sensitivity and empathy. Interviewers might ask how you have handled situations where language or cultural barriers existed or how you approach building trust with patients who may have had negative experiences with healthcare providers in the past.

It’s important not to simply memorize scripted responses but rather speak from personal experience and show genuine enthusiasm for osteopathic medicine.

How to Apply for the AOA Internship?

To submit your application for the AOA Internship program, begin by clicking the “Apply Here” button. This will allow you to get redirected to the organization’s “Approval of Non-AOA Postdoctoral Training” webpage, where you need to check out the training programs based on your level of qualifications. Make sure that you have prepared your CV according to their requirements. Then, click on “Read More” for the program you are willing to pursue. After that, hit the “Complete Application” button and log in with your existing details, or sign up first for the verification of AOA approved internship form. Once signed in and completed the application, wait for the response from the American Osteopathic Association.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for internships at the American Osteopathic Association varies depending on the specific position. Therefore, it is advisable to check the deadline for each internship opportunity individually.

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Available Internships of AOA
Internships currently unavailable. Kindly visit the official site for updates.

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