Accenture Internship Summer 2024 Program

High school and college students who would like to work for an Irish-American professional IT services company where they can expect to learn the ins and outs of the business ranging from advanced technology solutions to customer needs are welcome to apply for the latest Accenture Internship. Whether you are a freshman or an undergraduate, interns here are encouraged to contribute ideas that provide them with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. Both local and international students living in Boston, Washington DC, and all across the United States can submit their applications for a wide range of programs such as spring week, winter programs, virtual, consulting, summer internship, and many more. These internship opportunities also feature a broad variety of student jobs, including Software Engineer Intern, Business Analyst Intern, SWE Intern, etc. So, don’t wait any longer, and apply today to acquire invaluable experience working in IT.

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Accenture Summer Internship | for High School Students

Accenture Internship

About Accenture

Accenture is one of the largest professional and IT services companies in the world that has operations in over 200 cities across 120 countries. Founded as an Irish-American tech powerhouse in 1989, it has grown to become a leader in providing flexible, sustainable, and digital technology solutions to clients all over the globe. With more than 738,000 employees worldwide, the company strives to stay at the forefront of innovation and lead the way in its field. The company continues to push boundaries in its industry through the use of an ecosystem of partners’ independent software solutions. Accenture’s constant commitment to service delivery excellence makes it well-positioned for growth and success in the future, coupled with a proven track record of innovative thinking. It comprises 5 divisions, i.e., Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations, Song, and Industry X, and Ms. Julie Sweet is its Chairwoman & CEO.

Criteria & Eligibility Requirements:

Accenture is known for offering rewarding internship jobs that provide valuable experiences to students. Interns here are expected to have excellent academic performance, leadership skills, a global perspective, and a strong sense of teamwork. Eligible students must also be enrolled in relevant programs such as business administration, finance, communications, or information technology. Furthermore, they must be available to commit to full-time hours or longer during their internships.

Available Programs:

Following are some of the Accenture Internship programs that are currently available.

  • Discovery Program Intern
  • MBA Internship
  • Technology Internship
  • Sophomore Internship
  • Strategy Internship
  • Legal Internship
  • HR Internship
  • Data Science Internship
  • Marketing Internship
  • Interactive Internship
  • Finance Internship
  • Cyber Security Internship
  • Data Analyst Internship
  • Management Consulting Internship
  • Federal Services Internship
  • Strategy and Consulting Internship
  • Software Internship
  • Sophomore Program
  • First Year Internship
  • Computer Science Internship
  • IT Internship
  • Digital Marketing Internship
  • Off-Cycle Internship
  • Actuarial Internship
  • Insurance Internship with Norwegian and English

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Accenture Internship Interview Questions:

Applying for an internship at Accenture can be a difficult and competitive process, but being prepared for the interview questions is key to success. Many of the common questions asked by recruiters include “describe your greatest strength,” “what makes you unique and stand out amongst other applicants” and “give examples of when you have possessed teamwork skills in prior roles.” In addition, you may be asked to provide examples of solutions you have implemented or assess your knowledge of Accenture’s current events. Therefore, it is helpful to research the company ahead of time, think about how your experience matches its goals, and think about how you can contribute to their organization by participating in these internships for students.

Accenture Internship Salary:

Attending an internship with Accenture proves to be a great opportunity, especially considering their competitive internship salary of $60,759 a year.

How to Apply for the Accenture Internship?

Applying for the Accenture Internship requires candidates to create an account on the company’s official “MyWorkdayJobs” portal and then fill out an online application form there. After completing your internship application paperwork, be sure to submit your resume, cover letter, and transcripts so you are considered to be accepted. Now, if you want to look for the available roles, click on the “Apply Here” button. After that, review the posted opportunities and find one that suits your requirements. Lastly, click on the “Apply Now’ button in order to complete the application. You will be contacted by an Accenture representative if they would like to invite you for an interview or further assessment activities. Until then, be sure to stay in touch with them via email or phone if there are any changes or updates to your application status.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline varies from program to program, depending on the position you wish to apply for.

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Available Internships of Accenture
Internships currently unavailable. Kindly visit the official site for updates.

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